QW US Market Experts

Customized to Fit the Specific Needs of Every Client

Our areas of actions go from the selection of a wine and spirits portfolio to finding and managing importers and distributors’ networks, to coaching, to representing the brand as local representatives, to organizing press, trade and consumer oriented events.

Business & Market CONSULTING

Through our deep knowledge of all areas related to Wine, Spirits & Food Industries and our consistent high level of service, we provide our clients with strategic counseling to achieve overall success

Communication Agency

We offer integral solutions for our clients. Our specialty is brand building, event generation and multimedia content.

Marketing & Sales

We have the best professionals working day by day with importers, government agents and key opinion makers who lead the wine, spirits & food business.

business coaching

We have extensive experience in brand education, helping those who want to get involved in the wine market worldwide by providing strategic coaching, educational seminars and public speaking

“Wine is culture, history, geography, climate, soils, hedonism and passion.

Wine entices all of our senses from the sound of laughter and

cheers to the crystal clear, golden yellow,

 bright red and the dark purple colors.

From the earthy aromas, to white peach, green apples and pears

to mouthwatering flavors of tropical fruit, honeysuckle, vanilla,

chocolate and tobacco.

And… then, the lingering… not only in our

palate but also in our cellular memory”

Nora Z. Favelukes


What Sets QW US Market Experts Apart?

  • We are passionate about wine, spirits and food industry

  • We know the taste profile of the new consumers around the world

  • We work with our clients’ principals to select products that will succeed in worldwide market

  • We understand the complicated logistics and regulations of the import markets

  • We have extensive experience in the marketing, sales and public relations of imported products

  • We are known for our out-of- the-box approach and successful outcomes

  • Our strategies are tailored made for each individual client

  • We are savvy in navigating politics and government relations

  • We have great networking skills and broad industry contacts